About Us

FoodShoots was born on a
cloud of creativity around
sexy, thought provoking,
imaginative and innovative
images representing food
that makes you happy.

We are diligent in achieving
the very best food images
for merchandise, home use,
cafes, bars and food stores
without the usual cliche ‘food designer’ theme.
We took chillies and set fire to them we
sunk Titanic against an iceberg lettuce,
we got cucumbers to queue for a bus
and aubergines to holiday at the
Auberge Inn. Colour, texture and
fun make FoodShoots very special to
the point we have now created
THE COLLECTION, an ever-expanding
library of great food images.

Graham Jeremiah Jones QGPP is our
photograper and was runner up at the
Guild of Professional Photographers
Annual Awards 2012. Gary Peters, a much
acclaimed graphic designer/retoucher,
somehow manages to create each food
scene conjured up by the creative genius
that is Paul Hartley. Someone once said to
Paul “I’d like a minute inside your mind
but I guess I’d never get out.” We create for
commissions either to our client’s exact
specification or their inexact fantasy. Together
we are Foodshoots…food by design.
Paul Hartley

Here you can order from our entire range, commission your own design and branding or just enjoy buying these ‘collectables’ for yourself, friends and family.
AubergineIceberg LettucePeppers